Business License Information

Obtaining a Business License is easy to do, and the license cost is very reasonable (typically $12 to $100 per year). Also, the City of Carpinteria does not have a gross receipts tax, as do many other jurisdictions. New and existing businesses in the City fall into one of five categories. As a rule of thumb, a business license is required for all business activities conducted within the City limits.

The steps to obtaining a Standard Business License Permit are as follows:

Step 1

Submit applicable business license forms (available at City Hall or by clicking the following link) and pay the related taxes and fees: Business License Application Packet. Businesses physically located outside of Carpinteria need only submit Page 1. The Certificate of Occupancy (pages 2-3) are required for In-City businesses located within a Commercial area only. Please note if your business’ physical address is a residential address you will be required to have a Home Occupation permit along with your Business License.

See Business License Tax Rate Chart detailing applicable fees.

Step 2

The Community Development Department will review the location of the proposed business to ensure that the business can be allowed at the particular location based on the Municipal Code. The Building Inspector will inspect the physical location of the business to determine if it meets all of the requirements of the Building, Health and Safety Codes. This is typically done within five working days.

Step 3

The City of Carpinteria Finance Division will mail the business owner a business license within 15 working days.

Total Elapsed Time

Typically, 15 days, assuming the applicant meets all requirements of the particular business category applied for.

*Remember, if your business falls outside the realm of the typical business, i.e. home occupations, solicitors, etc. or your facilities require building alterations, new construction or Health Department inspection, you may need to fulfill obligations beyond the Standard Business License Permit process. Also one-time start up fees are required for new businesses in order to process data and to conduct building and planning inspections.